How to get everlasting life

You are very lucky! You can still have it today for free!

God is love (and love is good!):

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

John 3, verse 16

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What do you prefer after your physical death?
To burn in hell or to let it flow freely in paradise with the Holy Angels?

Jesus (Yahushua of His Hebrew name) died sacrificed at the cross on Mount Golgotha in order to save every person who accepts Him as Savior in His heart to be washed from His sins by His Blood, thereby obtaining eternal life at paradise rather than eternal death in terrible suffering in hell which is the price to pay for our sins:

To obtain eternal life, after the death of our tent, that is to say our body, is very simple and it is free; the offer is valid for everyone! It is enough to believe in Jesus (Yahushua of His Hebrew name), that is to say to sincerely believe from the bottom of our heart that He died crucified (then resurrected on the third day), this in order to save us from death eternal and hell that is the wages for every sinful man (we are all sinners since the snake to tempt Eve and Adam by making them eat the apple). For that, it suffices to confess to Jesus his sins and to accept him as Savior for them, His blood shed on the Cross washing us of all our sins. This will allow you to become white and blameless before God the Father Himself and become one of His children with eternal life in paradise instead of stagnating by burning in hell with everyone else!

In French language that give: "Crois en la croix" !!! (Believe in the cross) !!!